Faces Of The Captive Wild Animal Initiative

Devin Mitchell has initiated to create on human face with different wild animals as possible as he can. That is, it is face of the wild animals that introduce a new portrait series according to humans inside of an animal sheath. the project was intended by captive animals, rocking back and forth in their cages at the zoo. As a result, it might show mental anguish due to appearance with inside of enclosures for extended period of time. This is because of distraught idea at how silent wild majestic animals have to be felt while those wild animals are living in the zoo. Indeed, those animals are away from any natural habitat that emulate such native environment.

Note that US has so much land, so it has enough land to give free range environment for those animals may live in this land, but in turn they live in the fences for just only dozens of miles. This photo series is likely to be aware of all public and open up those who do not realize how primitive the life based on a captive wild animals truly is. Here is the following images designed by and aware of Devin Mitchell in relation with wild animals. Reading more. More info: Kickstarter | Instagram

01-Faces-of-the-Wild29__700Images Source : Devin Mitchell

02-Faces-of-the-Wild28__700Images Source : Devin Mitchell

03-Faces-of-the-Wild31__700Images Source : Devin Mitchell

04-Faces-of-the-Wild26__700Images Source : Devin Mitchell

05-Faces-of-the-Wild25__700Images Source : Devin Mitchell

06-Faces-of-the-Wild24__700Images Source : Devin Mitchell

07-Faces-of-the-Wild23__700Images Source : Devin Mitchell

08-Faces-of-the-Wild22__700Images Source : Devin Mitchell

09-Faces-of-the-Wild21__700Images Source : Devin Mitchell

10-Faces-of-the-Wild20__700Images Source : Devin Mitchell

11-Faces-of-the-Wild19__700Images Source : Devin Mitchell

12-Faces-of-the-Wild18__700Images Source : Devin Mitchell

13-Faces-of-the-Wild16__700Images Source : Devin Mitchell

14-Faces-of-the-Wild17__700Images Source : Devin Mitchell