Scenery Images of Amazing Classical Paintings In The Streets of Kiev, Ukraine

Looking at scenery images, Gods may be symbolized for moral and power of spirit involved in religion. We never have ever seen the real gods, and we just only see portraits as rock or cement installed in the street and some important landmarks in the city. That is, Alexey Kondakov, an artist based in Kiev, Ukraine, introduced us about the gods and characters of antiquity portrayed in classical paintings.

This can be said that whether it was appeared alongside us in the modern world or not?. In order to answer this question, he tried to create a series of Photoshopped images to relevant questions. Note that his real series put classical paintings into settings, of which this series get experienced every day including the metro, the sketchy highway underpass or local lunch joint.

This is interesting in order to think of how our impressions of these gods made a change given their new context. They may be likely to be elegant or royal in a painting in a museum. Nonetheless, while those are superimposed into recognizable parts of modern life, some of them may be started to look like obnoxiously drunken revelers. Please view all gods as your consideration and conscience. Reading more . More info: Facebook (h/t: fubiz, demilked)

01-classical-paintings-modern-city-2-reality-alexey-kondakov-ukraine-11Images Source: boredpanda

02-classical-paintings-modern-city-2-reality-alexey-kondakov-ukraine-9Images Source: boredpanda

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