Brilliant New Words Should Be Into A Dictionary

From a day to day, we always look for using a new word based on current context. That is, language has a life and is beautiful thing according to the change in reflected times. However, some words may be gone in the world due to none use and/or dead word. That is, coin may have own word or phrase for new things. Sometimes, the new words are usually completed into the portmanteaus.

Involved in term meaning, the word is likely to be constructed by bring some parts of the two words, that is, it has to make into a new one. It may be also known as a blend in linguistics. For instance, the most egregious use being been meshing names of celebrity couples between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has been called as Brangelina. This name may be in the name of efficiency via spreading celebrity gossip. Besides, it may have legitimate uses, for example, new state is the newly independent state of Tanganyika and Zanzibar being named as “Tanzania”. Sometimes, some animal names like “liger” originated from “lion” and “tiger”.

In realistic, quite few of the words are originated from A website may provide user to submit definitions of the new words. Nevertheless, a lot of them are neologisms seem to be not seen much in official recognition yet. That is, if you begin using them yourself, so who knows, you may get them included into the sort of prestigious dictionaries. Last but not least, meatspace is inferred to the non-virtual world, also known as reality and now may be started to get into Oxford dictionary. Please view each new meaning word and vote for your favorite concept as possible as you want. Reading more . More info: urbandictionary (h/t:designtaxi:http)

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