Scenery Images of Month Challenged To Instigate Valentine’s Day With Body Art

Looking at scenery images, Valentine’s Day seems to get involved on 14th February and so everyone tries to make shopping for cards, flower and candy for lovely one. Brittni Price was sitting in her bathroom to paint something as she liked, for instance, her face and body for 4 hours and more than this. In December, she reminded all started back when she met a Holiday themed makeup challenge counting down the 25 days related Christmas on Instagram. Really, it was a challenge to consider something as news looks each day onward, but settlement was delightful and her technique has better-quality enormously indeed. She showed that she loved something as challenge and pushing herself to pick up new styles or use new textures. Lastly, here she is and in short back again with the other challenge. More reading . More info: Instagram

01-this-month-i-challenged-myself-to-create-valentines-day-themed-body-art-7__880Image Credit: Brittni Price

02-this-month-i-challenged-myself-to-create-valentines-day-themed-body-art-6__880Image Credit: Brittni Price

03-this-month-i-challenged-myself-to-create-valentines-day-themed-body-art-5__880Image Credit: Brittni Price

04-this-month-i-challenged-myself-to-create-valentines-day-themed-body-art-4__880Image Credit: Brittni Price

05-this-month-i-challenged-myself-to-create-valentines-day-themed-body-art-3__880Image Credit: Brittni Price

06-this-month-i-challenged-myself-to-create-valentines-day-themed-body-art-2__880Image Credit: Brittni Price