Beautifully Creepy Halloween Lip Makeup Ideas

Eva Senín Pernas, Spanish artist and photographer, is very talent to make up creepy halloween lip. She is very skillful to design different lip according to each face lip and it appears in very amazing and interesting. Some images look like monster and spider. These images are very attractive and charmed for audiences and viewers to see once and again.

Note that in order to make up, it is not just for cosmetics. With the right hands, it might be just as valid an artistic medium as paint or ink. When she got her hands on a makeup brush, she could create spooky and elegant lip makeup art perfect for almost any Halloween costume idea.

Within the season, we have concentrated on this artist’s Halloween and/or her costume-related art. This leads to definitely inspire you in order to begin coming up with about creepy or creative Halloween costumes. However, the multi-talented artist, who studied architecture and then moved into photography and makeup art, created beautiful lip makeup art all year long. Indeed, these beautiful lip make up idea should be sure to check out her website when you want to see the other more images. Reading more . More info: | Facebook | Deviantart

Creepy Lip-01Images Source: Eva Senín Pernas

Creepy Lip-02Images Source: Eva Senín Pernas

Creepy Lip-03Images Source: Eva Senín Pernas

Creepy Lip-04Images Source: Eva Senín Pernas

Creepy Lip-05Images Source: Eva Senín Pernas

Creepy Lip-06Images Source: Eva Senín Pernas

Creepy Lip-07Images Source: Eva Senín Pernas

Creepy Lip-08Images Source: Eva Senín Pernas