Scenery Images of Beautiful Women From Isolated Place

In scenery images, North Korea has been known as isolated place from the world, that is, we are hard to get something such as human lives, a talk with and/or dialogue with North Korean people, building a friend with them and etc. This is so secret for this land. However, Noroc Michaela seemed to get small opportunity to pick up some images from North Korean girls to display in borerdpanda. In her word of the travel, she spent more than two years in traveling around the world with her backpack and camera. int he long time tour, she took a picture with natural women surrounded by their environment. Her project has been recognized as “The Atlas Of Beauty” and was likely to be about the planet’s diversity seen via portraits of women. Note that her last destination was more specific one, that is, it was the North Korean.

She tried to notice that North Korean women have been not acquainted with global trends, yet this does not explain to us that they are not preoccupied with their appearance. In the notice, the women may have a passion for high heels and generally wear classic dresses, continually accompanied by a pin, on the chest having one the country’s leaders. In the ceremonies, they wore traditional colorful dresses as did in the South Korean.

Noroc Michaela is likely to have ambition to be going on her photography with the women from each country of the planet indicating how beauty is in the different countries. Please help view beautiful North Korean girls and judge according to your idea on that. More reading. More Info: Facebook | Instagram
One of the wide boulevards of Pyongyang
01-One of the wide boulevards of Pyongyang
Library in Pyongyang
02-Library in Pyongyang
A singer before her show, in Sinuiju
03-A singer before her show, in Sinuiju
She was working in a train
04-She was working in a train
On the streets of Wonsan City
05-On the streets of Wonsan City Image Credit: Noroc Michaela