Beautiful Scenery of Symmetrical Breakfasts Done by Loving Man

Food may be done as art and so view-able for all of us to see it. That is, do you involve savoir-faire so that it leads to create a delicious and beautiful breakfast spread? Accordingly, we may have recognized Michael Zee who is skillful and makes delicious symmetric breakfasts for himself including his boyfriend Mark van Beek. More reading

On Instagram, he told the Guardian “People wonder if I’m crazy or obsessive” and he said further “but it is a declaration of love, really. I’m dedicated – both to breakfast and to Mark.” With these beautiful images, he regularly planned the night afore and so he looked to involve not a neglected day in a year. In short, they similarly tried to follow different worldwide breakfast civilizations in order to retain the things interesting. More info: | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: guardian , mymodernmet)

01-symmetry-breakfast-food-photography-michael-zee-90__700 Images Source: Michael Zee

02-symmetry-breakfast-food-photography-michael-zee-88__700Images Source: Michael Zee

03-symmetry-breakfast-food-photography-michael-zee-62__700Images Source: Michael Zee

04-symmetry-breakfast-food-photography-michael-zee-104__700Images Source: Michael Zee

05-symmetry-breakfast-food-photography-michael-zee-85__700Images Source: Michael Zee

06-symmetry-breakfast-food-photography-michael-zee-115__700Images Source: Michael Zee

07-symmetry-breakfast-food-photography-michael-zee-63__700Images Source: Michael Zee

08-symmetry-breakfast-food-photography-michael-zee-99__700Images Source: Michael Zee

09-symmetry-breakfast-food-photography-michael-zee-60__700Images Source: Michael Zee

10-symmetry-breakfast-food-photography-michael-zee-83__700Images Source: Michael Zee

11-symmetry-breakfast-food-photography-michael-zee-77__700Images Source: Michael Zee

12-symmetry-breakfast-food-photography-michael-zee-68__700Images Source: Michael Zee