Beautiful Scenery of Paper Cutouts Inspired By Iconic Fashion Designs

Look! this is introduced us something about highly interesting in fashion shooting. That is, it shows us with the bar to entry of a great fashion photo that has been so fixated on the clothing and so we may raise some questions that why not make them out of paper? Really, it involves a pretty legit idea and so it induced to be born her Reality Paper Doll series. In addition to some cases, Ajax Lee seemed to spend a lot of time in doing research and studying profile of fashion design. Lastly, she picked out a selection of clothes categorizing from the 1930 Lobster Dress by Elsa Schiaparelli to the 2010 Viktor & Rolf i.e. a total of 9 classic designs. More reading

In doing of achieved planar visual effect, the designs she decided to pick out all share one common trait, for example, all had to get involved in ideal for a 2D paper doll clothing sketch. Note that each of the designs contains their personal stories behind it. Within the pictures, it looks more fun and lively and so she made further a few paper-made accessories, for instance, dogs, cats, and surf boards. In order to finish this product, it took a total of 4 months to complete drawing with Photoshop and Illustrator, vendor’s printing, and lastly trimming them. In order to get further terms of shooting style, she made it to express into a childlike manner and thus she selected amusement parks as her shooting sites. Using their highly vivid color palette, amusement parks had been the perfect backdrop on which she might create a comic-like or poster-like image. More info:

01-09_20160531-_MG_2425-578337b437c02__880Image Credit: Ajax Lee

02-08_20160531-_MG_2395-578337ac30115__880Image Credit: Ajax Lee

03-07_20160531-_MG_2295-578337a4abc14__880Image Credit: Ajax Lee

04-06_20160531-_MG_2328-5783379c45fd1__880Image Credit: Ajax Lee

05-05_20160531-_MG_2246-57833793daf8b__880Image Credit: Ajax Lee

06-03_20160531-_MG_2162-57833780d90d2__880Image Credit: Ajax Lee

07-02_20160531-_MG_2495-57833775ca2a5__880Image Credit: Ajax Lee

08-04_20160531-_MG_2145-5783378933bef__880Image Credit: Ajax Lee

09-01_20160531-_MG_2448-57833769ea36f__880Image Credit: Ajax Lee