Beautiful Scenery of Fairy-tale Images In Norway

Looking at beautiful scenery, we hesitate and/or hard to say that someone may achieve such matter. However, this beautiful scenery of landscapes may be done by Paul Edmundson indeed. That is, he may achieve his work when it was very the pleasure of travelling for him to explore Norway’s spectacular landscape, and then induced him to create so beautiful images along the way in period of his 12 years’ traveling. Note that the journey was expected to get involved in rich experience from sunrise hiked to camping in the snow. Thus, he may illustrate and explain to us how beautiful images with quite few fairytale images are. Reading more

Besides, he seemed to get seen the world class scenery at each step, and so he was left breathless in wonder of such nature’s magic scenery. As seen in place, there are several images that may lure us to involve a visual journey from fjords to mountain tops including a challenge of limits in our dreams. Indeed, he might expect that it might be inspired for our own journey to visit such country, for instance, Norway. More info:

Early morning fog in Flam
01-Visit-Flam-Aurland-Aurlandsfjord-1-Bryllup-Fotograf-Paul-Edmundson-www.pauledmundson__880-Early morning fog in Flam Image Source: Paul Edmundson

Trollstigen is the king of all views
02-Trollstigen-Norway-Bryllup-Fotograf-Paul-Edmundson-www.pauledmundson.com___880-Trollstigen is the king of all viewsImage Source: Paul Edmundson

Naeroyfjorden seen from Bakka
03-Naeroyfjord-5-Bryllup-Fotograf-Paul-Edmundson-www.pauledmundson.com___880-Naeroyfjorden seen from BakkaImage Source: Paul Edmundson

Stegastein Viewpoint has a drop of 650 meters
04-Visit-Flam-Aurland-Aurlandsfjord-8-Bryllup-Fotograf-Paul-Edmundson-www.pauledmundson.com___880-Stegastein Viewpoint has a drop of 650 metersImage Source: Paul Edmundson

View from Otternes farm towards Flam
05-Visit-Flam-Aurland-Aurlandsfjord-7-Bryllup-Fotograf-Paul-Edmundson-www.pauledmundson.com___880-View from Otternes farm towards FlamImage Source: Paul Edmundson

Panoramic view of Naeroyfjorden
06-Naeroyfjord-4-Bryllup-Fotograf-Paul-Edmundson-www.pauledmundson.com___880-Panoramic view of NaeroyfjordenImage Source: Paul Edmundson

Flydalsjuvet in Geiranger
07-Geirangerfjord-Geiranger-Norway-2-Bryllup-Fotograf-Paul-Edmundson-www.pauledmundson.com___880-Flydalsjuvet in GeirangerImage Source: Paul Edmundson

Summer flowers in Flam
08-Visit-Flam-Aurland-Aurlandsfjord-9-Bryllup-Fotograf-Paul-Edmundson-www.pauledmundson.com___880-Summer flowers in FlamImage Source: Paul Edmundson

Standing on the edge of Preikestolen
09-Preikestolen-Pulpit-Rock-Stavanger-Lysefjord-2-Bryllup-Fotograf-Paul-Edmundson-www.pauledmundson.com___880-Standing on the edge of PreikestolenImage Source: Paul Edmundson

Geirangerfjord is one of the most picturesque of Norway’s fjords
10-Geirangerfjord-Geiranger-Norway-1-Bryllup-Fotograf-Paul-Edmundson-www.pauledmundson.com___880-Geirangerfjord is one of the most picturesque of Norway’s fjordsImage Source: Paul Edmundson

The majestic Aurlandsfjord
11-Visit-Flam-Aurland-Aurlandsfjord-10-Bryllup-Fotograf-Paul-Edmundson-www.pauledmundson.com___880-The majestic AurlandsfjordImage Source: Paul Edmundson

Flam is a tiny village and the heart of the fjords
12-Visit-Flam-Aurland-Aurlandsfjord-6-Bryllup-Fotograf-Paul-Edmundson-www.pauledmundson.com___880-Flam is a tiny village and the heart of the fjordsImage Source: Paul Edmundson