Beautiful Scenery of Art Comes To Live The Dream

This is story of Lynn Hetherington Becker who might be a self-taught artist in Columbus. Now, she is 39 years old, and she was always keen to involve an art and painting growing up when to be a child and a teen. In fact, she missed out on an opportunity to join art school and after that she had my daughter at the age of 21. So, she seemed to spend her beginning of adult life working in call centers.

Unfortunately, when she was gotten 3 children, she was experienced with the end of my marriage. She had to be certainly what to do with her life. Accordingly, she decided to start and reconnect with her art; her first love. This is really so glad that she did. She began selling her paintings and people came to buy them. However, she looked like to face painted for churches and friends and so she decided to involve this career so that she might get professionally to supplement her income. Fortunately, a year later she received a high clientele base and so she recognized as a huge passion for body art. Indeed, she was discovered on Instagram by a television show called Skin Wars and was contacted by a casting director. More reading. More info: Facebook | Instagram

01-body-art-prenatal-belly-back-paintings-lynn-becker-8 Image Source: Linn Becker

02-body-art-prenatal-belly-back-paintings-lynn-becker-3Image Source: Linn Becker

03-body-art-prenatal-belly-back-paintings-lynn-becker-10Image Source: Linn Becker

04-body-art-prenatal-belly-back-paintings-lynn-becker-7Image Source: Linn Becker

05-body-art-prenatal-belly-back-paintings-lynn-becker-6Image Source: Linn Becker

06-body-art-prenatal-belly-back-paintings-lynn-becker-1Image Source: Linn Becker

07-body-art-prenatal-belly-back-paintings-lynn-becker-12Image Source: Linn Becker

08-never-too-old-to-live-your-dream-57e380f258563__880Image Source: Linn Becker

09-body-art-prenatal-belly-back-paintings-lynn-becker-2Image Source: Linn Becker