Beautiful Scenery of Amazing Vibrant Photos Pay Homage to Slavic Folklore

In beautiful scenery, this is vibrant images that show us something as a distinctive blend of stylistic influences. These are the modus operandi of Moscow-based photographer Andrey Yakovlev and art director Lili Aleeva. Note that a duo is known simply as Yakovlev and Aleeva. Being placed an emphasis on feminine beauty and glamour, the creative husband-wife pair has instigated to make a photo series that indicated the subjects in traditional Slavic garb and to form a collection of intense visuals. In basis of dramatic and enticing, the duo who was known as experts in forming memorable photographs combined high-fashion with traditionalism of sharing a novel perspective.

Look! The series’ modernized images of folklore are a variety of patterns, colors and consist of visually stimulating elements. Yet, they all share the recurrence of one particular object and each photo pictures attractively adorned eggs somewhere in the frame, being paid homage to the tradition of egg decorating. As noticed, the art form presents one that traces across quite few Slavic folktales in links to religious themes, dating back to pre-Christian times. That is, people worshiped a sun god called Dazhboh who liked birds as his chosen creatures. In the history, the eggs of the animals laid became then seen as magical objects and a source of life, symbolizing the rebirth of the earth. Indeed, this may be Placed these symbols into the foreground of the fashion shoots, being been Yakovlev and Aleeva made a contextual depth to their presented collection. More reading

01-vibrant-photos-pay-homage-to-slavic-folkloreImage Source: Kristine Mitchell

02-vibrant-photos-pay-homage-to-slavic-folkloreImage Source: Kristine Mitchell

03-vibrant-photos-pay-homage-to-slavic-folkloreImage Source: Kristine Mitchell

04-vibrant-photos-pay-homage-to-slavic-folkloreImage Source: Kristine Mitchell

05-vibrant-photos-pay-homage-to-slavic-folkloreImage Source: Kristine Mitchell

06-vibrant-photos-pay-homage-to-slavic-folkloreImage Source: Kristine Mitchell

07-vibrant-photos-pay-homage-to-slavic-folkloreImage Source: Kristine Mitchell

08-vibrant-photos-pay-homage-to-slavic-folkloreImage Source: Kristine Mitchell