Beautiful Scenery of Amazing Powerful and Ethereal Paintings Cloak Women

Look! This is showing us so amazing and beautiful paintings never ever seen before in beautiful scenery of content and website. This is recognized by self-taught artist Stella Im Hultberg who initiated to make surreal sculptures and pensive portraits. Accordingly, this is really and expressively to explore the concept of identity. Based on experience from the Korean-born in Oregon-based artist, she created so amazed things for audiences with her minded works for years. Moreover, she was always practiced with new materials and fresh motifs. Started from most recent work, she worked acrylic paints and colored pencils so that she might create ethereal portraits of women cloaked in conjunction with bright blooms of flowers.

That is, in the photos, each of Im Hultberg’s dreamy portraits shows an intense yet hazy study of an unknown individual. As seen in scenery images, her subjects contribute a number of visual similarities to one another, for example, the porcelain skin tones and dark, flowing hair. Besides, one might even assume they might be the same individual—an idea accoridng to Im Hultberg hinted at. As quoted some words in explaining to Thinkspace Gallery, she affirmed “Her paintings of ethereal women subtly excavate the possibility of multiplicities in a single self” and “By combining detailed figurative rendering with surreal imagery, Im Hultberg probes the porous boundaries between self and other. The figures in her work appear in various guises, and she mobilizes them as vehicles for affect and suggestion.” More reading

01-9stellaimhultbergImage Source: Kelly Richman-Abdou

02-8stellaimhultbergImage Source: Kelly Richman-Abdou

03-7stella05_incompletenothingnessImage Source: Kelly Richman-Abdou

04-6stellaimhultbergImage Source: Kelly Richman-Abdou

05-5stellaimhultbergImage Source: Kelly Richman-Abdou

06-4stellaimhultbergImage Source: Kelly Richman-Abdou

07-3stellaimhultbergImage Source: Kelly Richman-Abdou

08-1stellaimhultbergImage Source: Kelly Richman-Abdou