Beautiful Scenery of Amazing Makeup Artist Made Himself Into Real-Life Disney Princesses

Currently, transgender may easily make from male to female vice versa according to new technology. However, some artists just transform themselves only into art as viewed and attracted someone to see. This case, we may see makeup artist, Richard Schaefer, who tried to make himself from male to amazing and beautiful Disney princesses. In following scenery images, you may see and not avoid appreciate him indeed. This guy 22-year-old seemed to involve an impressive collection of 40 costumes and 30 wigs. Accordingly, he uses them to cosplay as Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella, and others. As seen in photos, He is perfected their longing stares and doe-eyed expressions to mimic not only their looks, but also personas. Indeed, these beautiful scenery of him may lure some boy to think of him that he is girl if we do not see his real image in place. More reading

01-richardschaefer9Image Source: Sara Barnes

02-richardschaeferannaImage Source: Sara Barnes

03-13671845_681890661958732_739033105_nImage Source: Sara Barnes

04-richardschaefer5Image Source: Sara Barnes

05-13745224_504537559737506_1047913010_nImage Source: Sara Barnes

06-richardschaeferbelleImage Source: Sara Barnes

07-richardschaefer3Image Source: Sara Barnes

08-richardschaefer8Image Source: Sara Barnes

09-richardschaefer10Image Source: Sara Barnes

10-13422808_645789832251838_1831330529_nImage Source: Sara Barnes

11-13707448_231980403862422_1311129392_nImage Source: Sara Barnes

12-richardschaefer11Image Source: Sara Barnes

13-richardschaefer1Image Source: Sara Barnes

Here is real face of artist who transformed himself into Disney Princesses
14-richardschaefer0Image Source: Sara Barnes