Beautiful Scenery of Amazing Gorgeous Flower Parade Features Giant Floats

This seems to be traditional fair since 1936, the town of Zundert in the south of the Netherlands has celebrated an annual flower parade namely Corso Zundert. This is featured moving floats festooned with bright spreads of blooms. As seen in scenery images, every year of the annual flower parade, 20 groups of volunteers come from diverse hamlets who are committed to compete with their massive and magnificent designs. In fact, there are usually blanketed including thousands of dahlias and joined in moving elements.

Note that in the year 2016, the winner was titled Dangerous Transportation, decorated by the hamlet of Tiggelaar. Besides, some images introduced the fearsome and fiery dragons that were mixed with steam shooting from its nostrils, jaw opened wide to reveal sharp fangs. In the photos, its rivals altered from a tumbling pack of foxes to a hive of human-sized honey bees. Indeed, each one gargantuan and gorgeously complex has been truly indicated. More reading

01-15corsozunderterwinmartens7Image Source: Leah Pellegrini

02-14corsozunderterwinmartens10Image Source: Leah Pellegrini

03-11corsozundertmalouevers4-malou-eversImage Source: Malou Evers

04-12corsozundertmalouevers1-malou-eversImage Source: Malou Evers

05-10corsozunderterwinmartens6Image Source: Leah Pellegrini

06-9corsozunderterwinmartens11Image Source: Leah Pellegrini

07-7corsozundertmalouevers2-malou-eversImage Source: Malou Evers

08-5corsozunderterwinmartens17Image Source: Leah Pellegrini

09-1corsozunderterwinmartens8Image Source: Leah Pellegrini