Beautiful Miniature Tattoos of Architecture On Human Body

Architecture is a profile as seen in place for all over the world in relation with temple, palace, building, skyscrapers, industries, hospitals, schools, universities and etc. In fact, the architecture is made by human hand after designing on the paper and exactly estimating. Now, we may see all forms of the architecture in the world such as small, big and giant accordingly. However, we may rarely see tattoos’ architects on human body. As seen following tattoos’ architects, we may not really avoid appreciating the beauty of architecturally inspired body art.

Relied on Bored Panda compilation, we may have seen the list of stunning tattoos and this list is indicating us something as beautiful tattoos’ architects we never ever seen before. Looking at this scene, we may deal with plethora of examples of how architecture that may lead to be influenced body art in methods we could not imagine indeed. That is, this is to show us from intricate inking related buildings and minimalist line to beautiful geometric design and panoramas recognized as cityscapes. In short, this architecture on human body becomes the tattoos that provide us plenty of ideas whether we are thoughtful about receiving some new ink done. More reading





Carolina Tessaroli Brandl