Anxiety Disorder Introduced In Self Portraits

In many countries,there are anxiety disorders which have been surveyed and researched by researchers. That is, it was around 18% of Americans and 14% of Europeans based on estimate. Accordingly, Katie Crawford described that she had own battle with anxiety and depression in her photo series such as “My Anxious Heart”. This was her aim in order to translate her feelings into a series of slightly surreal photographs. Consisting of pictures, quotes, she tried to explain to the general society to see how it might feel to suffer from such illness.

With her Bachelor of Fine Arts, she was awarded from Louisiana State University and she specialized in portraiture. According to her photography series, she used black things and objects called as “subtly interact with the frame” to show the anxiety’s ability to drain every drop of aspiration and joy. This was cited in HuffPost “I want the photographs and their paired writings to begin to express the constant, overwhelming presence of anxiety. It’s not always terrifying, it’s not always strong and it’s not always intense, but it’s always close by”. Reading more. More info: (h/t: huffingtonpost)

This is so strange in the pit of your stomach. It is like while you are swimming. When you want to put your feet down, the water is still deeper than you came up with. So, you cannot touch the bottom and your heart seems to skip a beat.

01-surreal-anxiety-portraits-my-anxious-heart-katie-crawford-6Source: demilked
The depression has been recognized when you could not feel at all. An anxiety happens when you make feeling too much. That is, it may be having both which is a constant war within your own mind. So, having both may show us we are never winning.

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She is afraid to live, and she is afraid to die. Thus, what a way forward to existing.

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To cut so deep it is likely to be that they are never going to heal. The pain is so real, that is, it is almost unbearable. She is become this cut and that this wound. All she knew was this same pain, for instance, sharp breath, empty eyes, shaky hands. If it is so painful, why let it carries on? Unless… maybe it is all that you might know.

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That is, you might be created for me and by me. You might be created for my seclusion. You might be created by venomous defense. You are likely to make of fear and lies. Note that fear of unrequited promises and losing trust so seldom provided. You have been performing my entire life. Indeed, the stronger and the stronger.

05-surreal-anxiety-portraits-my-anxious-heart-katie-crawford-11 Source: demilked