Amazing Water Festival Cambodia 2014

Cambodian Water Festival is celebrated in week one of November. This event marks a reversal of the flow of the Tonle Sap River. By and large, every town and province joins in with the festival but the biggest ceremonies take place in Phnom Penh with boat racing along the Sisowath Quay. In period of three days, villagers from every province join with the city’s residents to celebrate by night and day. The festival lasts for three days and commemorates the end of the country’s rainy season. This is also the reversal of flow of the Tonle Sap River. In short, it includes boat races and concerts, and attracts several million people each year.

Cambodia Water festival is quite long time of Khmer empire history. In general, this event was celebrated when maritime military backed home with victory over enemies in the war. In Angkor temple, we can see the sculpture carved in the stone about this event. Precisely, we can see King Jayavarman VII in sculpture presided over this celebration. Indeed, the celebration was done from one to another generation estimated more or less than 1000 years. More reading

Water Festival - Boat Race 01

Water Festival - Boat Race 02

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