Scenery Images of Amazing Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2014

Bored Panda initiated and showed new creative idea which has been attracted artists, creators, photographers and other involvements to join post images, stories and other scenery into its website. That is, it was provided that this year was the year of user-generated content. Note that some images are very beautiful scenery indeed.

Bored Panda is now no longer just another blog, but it is becoming a platform. The submission form might enable artists and creators to manage and publish their stories and come to millions of bored panda throughout the world. It is noticed that it already has more than 4,000 registered artists, that is, those have submitted 7,500 stories.

Bored Panda’s team has increased in more than double, and the team got from 360,000 fans on Facebook to more than 1,600,000. In short, now there are more than 50 million unique page views a month, and there has become a huge force of Panda community to be reckoned with in the fight against boredom. More reading

1. Russian Mother Takes Magical Pictures Of Her Two Kids With Animals On Her Farm
01children-photography-elena-shumilova-1Image Source: Julija K.

2. 22 Children’s Hilariously Inappropriate Spelling Mistakes
02funny-children-mistakes-17Image Source: Julija K.

3. 40 Of The Most Powerful Social Issue Ads That’ll Make You Stop And Think
03top-posts-2014-3Image Source: Julija K.

4. 22 Adorable Before And After Pictures Of Animals Growing Up
04top-posts-2014-4Image Source: Julija K.

5. Domestic Bliss: Mother Of Two Takes Darkly Humorous Family Photos
05top-posts-2014-5Image Source: Julija K.

6. 2 Months Later, This Toddler Is Still Napping With His Puppy
06top-posts-2014-10Image Source: Julija K.

7. Guy Lets His Artist Wife Doodle With Sharpie Pen On His Nissan Skyline GTR
07top-posts-2014-61Image Source: Julija K.

8. 30 Cats And Dogs Losing The Battle Against Human Furniture
08top-posts-2014-7Image Source: Julija K.

9. 40 Worst Book Covers And Titles Ever
09top-posts-2014-91Image Source: Julija K.

10. 33 Pictures Taken At The Right Moment
10top-posts-2014-8Image Source: Julija K.

Top 10 User Submissions

1. 17-Year-Old Guy Transforms Himself Into Famous People
11top-posts-2014-12Image Source: Julija K.

2. Norway’s First Child Wedding Was Arranged To Prevent Others From Happening
12top-posts-2014-13 Image Source: Julija K.

3. Moss Graffiti: The Coolest DIY Project Ever
13top-posts-2014-14Image Source: Julija K.

4. The Death Of Conversation: I Photograph People Obsessed With Their Smartphones
14top-posts-2014-15Image Source: Julija K.

5. This Photographer Is Changing Maternity Photography With His Underwater Mermaid Moms
15top-posts-2014-16Image Source: Julija K.

6. I Turn Clouds Into Illustrations
16top-posts-2014-17Image Source: Julija K.

7. Photographer Mom Turns Her 9-Year-Old Adopted Daughter Into Iconic Characters
17top-posts-2014-18Image Source: Julija K.

8. The Twelve Beards Of Christmas
18top-posts-2014-20Image Source: Julija K.

9. I Have 4 Children And I Love To Make Them Creative Sunny Side Up Eggs
19top-posts-2014-211Image Source: Julija K.

10. You Can Now Anonymously Send Poop To Your Enemies
20top-posts-2014-22Image Source: Julija K.