Scenery Images of Amazing Satellite Photos in the World

Daily Overview is a new project that shares one satellite photo from Digital Globes. This brings in an attempt to change the way we see our planet Earth. The project was inspired by the Overview Effect experience which is a cognitive shift of perspective and worldview. So, it is experienced by the astronauts when they get to see the planet Earth from space for the first time. More reading. More info: Website | Tumblr | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: twistedsifter)

Bourtange Vlagtwedde,Netherlands
01-satellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-1-Bourtange, Vlagtwedde, NetherlandsImage Source: BoredPanda

Barcelona Spain
02-satellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-3-Barcelona, SpainImage Source: BoredPanda

Central Park New York City, New York,USA
03-satellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-2-Central Park- New York City- New York- USAImage Source: BoredPanda

Desert Shores Community Las Vegas,Nevada,USA
04-satellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-10-Desert Shores Community- Las Vegas- Nevada- USAImage Source: BoredPanda

New Bullards Bar Reservoir Yuba County California
05-satellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-19-New Bullards Bar Reservoir- Yuba County- CaliforniaImage Source: BoredPanda

Residential Development Killeen,Texas,USA
06-satellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-6-Residential Development- Killeen- Texas- USAImage Source: BoredPanda

Venice Italy
07-satellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-4-Venice- ItalyImage Source: BoredPanda

Vineyards Huelva Spain
08-satellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-9-Vineyards- Huelva- SpainImage Source: BoredPanda

Plasticulture Greenhouses Almeria Spain
09-satellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-11-Plasticulture - Greenhouses- Almeria- SpainImage Source: BoredPanda

Amazon Rainforest Deforestation Para Brazil
10-satellite-aerial-photos-of-earth-13-Amazon Rainforest Deforestation- Para- BrazilImage Source: BoredPanda