Amazing Santa Classics Creative By Ed Wheeler

Santa Claus who is Saint Nicholas has been known as Father Christmas, Kris Kringle and simply “Santa”. This inferred to a mythical figure with legendary, historical and folkloric origins. Based on quite few Western cultures and old history, he is responsible to bring gifts via chimney to the homes of the good children on 24 December. That is, the night before Christmas Day has to come. Nonetheless, within some European countries children could get their presents on St. Nicholas’ Day on the day of either the 6th or 19th of December.

Santa Claus may be used by some artists to create as several cartoon images in order to serve for public and mass. The artist may design several kinds of Santa Claus according to their preference, and they may also link the story of Santa Claus with nature, animals, human being and venture other scenery. So, they may use Santa Claus outside of the Christmas’s event as possible as they may. We can see example done by one popular artist as below.

Ed Wheeler, Pennsylvania based photographer, has initiated and made creative to become Santa Classics who was a series of collages and similar illusions. It is only the illusions, but it may be linked or like to real live in this earth. It was composed of auto portraits of Ed as Santa Claus integrated in reproductions of famous paintings. Please help view the following images to be judged and preferred from amazed to interested image. Reading more

01-Santa Classics by Ed WheelerImages Source: weezbo

02-Santa Classics by Ed WheelerImages Source: weezbo

03-Santa Classics by Ed WheelerImages Source: weezbo

04-Santa Classics by Ed WheelerImages Source: weezbo

05-Santa Classics by Ed WheelerImages Source: weezbo