Amazing & Reimagine Adorable Toddlers as Senior Citizens

This may be explained to us about adorable toddlers who become the senior citizens. How they become the senior citizens? and who initiates this creative?. California-based photographer Zachary Scott applied his experiences by transforming six toddlers into elderly versions. A series of photo illustrations was published for the recent New York Times article cited “What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-set?”.

Via the help of hair, makeup, props, and subtle photo retouching, the six young models completely embody old souls, even mimicking the body language and facial expressions of old-timers. This may be seen some images below. More reading

Adorable Toddler01Images Credit: Zachary Scott

Adorable Toddler02Images Credit: Zachary Scott

Adorable Toddler03Images Credit: Zachary Scott

Adorable Toddler04Images Credit: Zachary Scott

Adorable Toddler05Images Credit: Zachary Scott