Amazing Pillow Fight Day In Bucharest, Romania

Marius Tudor, 31, who is Romanian weeding photographer, loved people and looked for good light, and right time and emotions. He photographed one of the things which could not live and breath without. This was happened in 2010. His work is requested strong dedication in order that it has to have quality and deep understanding of each, bride and groom needs. Due to he is journalist he tried to interfere with his client actions and he also liked to get as discreet as he could. He loved the good looking portraits and formals.

Beyond weddings, he loved to do street photography, and he tried to participate in many urban being been taken place in his city, Bucharest. Accordingly, international pillow fight day was the one of events he loved and liked to snapshot. This event gave him with amazing and emotion due to there were quite few actions and a lot of fun associated with beautiful people. Indeed, he was inspired by nonconformist, enthusiastic and happy people, that is, Bucharest’s bustle and his clients joyed keep his work alive. Reading more . More info:

International Pillow Fight Day is (a pillow fight flash mob) a social phenomenon of flash mobbing and shares many characteristics of a culture jam. More Info:

01-pillow-fight-documentary-photography_040__880Source: boredpanda

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