Amazing Photos Of Moms Breastfeeding Outside Show

Mom in modern era often does not breast her baby, or she does breast her baby with powder mild such as Nestle from Switzerland and GIGO from France. However, Ivette Ivens, Photographer, made surprisingly public breastfeeding the norm. She is Lithuanian born in Chicago resident. She initiated highly to stylize photographs of the mothers breastfeeding outside. This is to remind everyone that it is “a totally normal thing”. Note that she has now 25 year old and is a mother of two children. She breasted her older son until her son was three years.

Ivette Ivens said “I nursed them both anywhere I wanted. From church to parties, from farmers market to high-end designer stores. I believe that mothers should nurse their little ones whenever they want to”. She proposed all mothers that they should be proponent for extended breastfeeding. That is, mother should do “Children know when it’s time to wean off. Strangers don’t know, so they shouldn’t care”.

Ivette Ivens recently proposed an exhibition in Chicago under the title of “I breastfeed my toddler”. Later this year, she is introducing her photo-book, for instance Breastfeeding Goddess. Note that she has also specialized in relation with family photography. Reading more . More info: | Facebook | Instagram | Amazon

01-motherhood-photography-breastfeeding-godesses-ivette-ivens-17Images Source: Ivette Ivens

02-motherhood-photography-breastfeeding-godesses-ivette-ivens-16Images Source: Ivette Ivens

03-motherhood-photography-breastfeeding-godesses-ivette-ivens-15Images Source: Ivette Ivens

04-motherhood-photography-breastfeeding-godesses-ivette-ivens-14Images Source: Ivette Ivens

05-motherhood-photography-breastfeeding-godesses-ivette-ivens-13Images Source: Ivette Ivens

06-motherhood-photography-breastfeeding-godesses-ivette-ivens-11Images Source: Ivette Ivens

07-motherhood-photography-breastfeeding-godesses-ivette-ivens-10Images Source: Ivette Ivens

08-motherhood-photography-breastfeeding-godesses-ivette-ivens-9Images Source: Ivette Ivens

09-motherhood-photography-breastfeeding-godesses-ivette-ivens-8Images Source: Ivette Ivens

10-motherhood-photography-breastfeeding-godesses-ivette-ivens-6Images Source: Ivette Ivens

11-motherhood-photography-breastfeeding-godesses-ivette-ivens-3Images Source: Ivette Ivens

12-motherhood-photography-breastfeeding-godesses-ivette-ivens-1Images Source: Ivette Ivens