Scenery Images of Amazing Own Body To Become A Canvas For Art

Link to the scenery images, Caroline Patueli is now a 20-years-old artist from Brazil. Quite interesting, she loved and liked to paint everything for a sacred art on her body. Her idea something like quite different from other artists who used paper, clothes and other materials to achieve the painting results. However, for Caroline she did not follow that way, that is, she used her personal body as a canvas to paint several images on her body being started from head to leg covered a lot of interesting images. It interestingly took from 4 to 9 hours in order to finish one piece of each image.

As seen in the pictures, every place on her body has been shown colorful paintings which appeared in quite a few images such as old Egyptian letter, flowers, houses, boats, octopuses, squids, fishes, demons, mountains, forests and etc. These paintings are amazing and interesting images which have never ever seen before. Caroline seemed to try to show her her ideas and concepts on relation between human beings and natures, animals and other scenery. This is to introduce the ties between human beings, natures and animals that cannot break down and/or separate existent on the earth. If one existent may lose, the other existences may also lose accordingly. Thus, it is likely to be an interdependent each other and never lose anyone. Reading more . More info: Facebook

01-Brazilian-artist-makes-body-paint-herself1__880Image source: Caroline Patueli

02-Brazilian-artist-makes-body-paint-herself9__880Image source: Caroline Patueli

03-Brazilian-artist-makes-body-paint-herself8__880Image source: Caroline Patueli

04-Brazilian-artist-makes-body-paint-herself7__880Image source: Caroline Patueli

05-Brazilian-artist-makes-body-paint-herself6__880Image source: Caroline Patueli

06-Brazilian-artist-makes-body-paint-herself5__880Image source: Caroline Patueli

07-Brazilian-artist-makes-body-paint-herself4__880Image source: Caroline Patueli

08-Brazilian-artist-makes-body-paint-herself__880Image source: Caroline Patueli

09-Brazilian-artist-makes-body-paint-herself3__880Image source: Caroline Patueli

10-Brazilian-artist-makes-body-paint-herself2__880Image source: Caroline Patueli

11-Brazilian-artist-makes-body-paint-herself1__880Image source: Caroline Patueli