Scenery Images of Amazing Most Dangerous Journeys To School

In many countries throughout the world, as seeing in scenery images, there are several dangerous and unusual paths and journeys for the students who regularly go to school. In this case, it happens in China, Indonesia, Columbia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and etc. That is, many children in the world must take the most incredible and unimaginable routes. To do this, They can obtain the education that some of us may not come up with and/or imagine over there. In fact, these images are collected to show us and how determined some children can be as it comes to access to an education.

UNESCO cited that progress in connecting children to schools was having lower over the past five years. Areas faced lack suitable school routes can often flood and so it makes difficult and even harder for kids to commute. Dangerous paths and journeys create one of the major reasons why quite few children make decision to quit school. More reading

5-Hour Journey Into The Mountains On A 1ft Wide Path To Probably The Most Remote School In The World, Gulu, China
Image credits: Sipa Press

Kids Traveling To A Boarding School Through The Himalayas, Zanskar, Indian Himalayas
Image credits: Timothy Allen

Pupils Crossing A Damaged Suspension Bridge, Lebak, Indonesia
Image credits: Reuters

Kids Flying 800m On A Steel Cable 400m Above The Rio Negro River, Colombia
Image credits: Christoph Otto

Pupils Canoeing To School, Riau, Indonesia
Image credits: Nico Fredia

A Girl Riding A Bull To School, Myanmar
Image credits: Andrey

School Girls Walking Across A Plank On The Wall Of The 16th Century Galle Fort In Sri Lanka
Image credits: Reuters/Vivek Prakash

Schoolchildren Riding A Horse Cart Back From School In Delhi, India
Image credits: Reuters

125-Mile Journey To A Boarding School Through The Mountains, Pili, China
Image credits: unknown

Elementary School Students Crossing A River On Inflated Tire Tubes, Rizal Province, Philippines
Image credits: Bullit Marquez /AP