Scenery Images of Amazing Khmer Traditional Wedding

Looking at scenery images, this is very amazing I would like to introduce Khmer traditional wedding. This tradition may have so far been happened more than two thousand years in Cambodia. That is, it was started to establish Khmer empire in first century according to history cited. The tradition may copy one part from Indian culture and another from Khmer indigenous ancient and the latter from China. In fact, Khmer adopted mixed cultures including Indian, Chinese and Indigenous cultures.

First, we were likely to adopt to take Indian culture. This was started from first century to now. Second, we might adopt to Chinese culture because from 12 th century there were many Chinese people who came to live in Khmer empire. That is why French colony named this territory as Indochina namely India plus China. So, this tradition was mixed according to context, time period and dominant. At last resort, it is noticed that it may be likely to get the dominant from China much more than from India.

One 22 November 2014, my niece got the Khmer traditional wedding. The wedding was done at Kok Pich center because at home it was not enough space to organize ceremony. According Khmer old tradition, it was likely not allowed bride to organize wedding outside home, but in current context we have to be flexible to practical circumstance. Thus, from one to another period the culture seems to adopt and adapt to existing situation. Please help view and comment on these images as entertainment and pleasure.