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The word “browse” is inferred to how to deal with kind of orienting strategy. It is honestly the old word, but it seems to be new word in popular internet era. It may be similar to the word search because it is to look through a book or magazine without reading everything. Moreover, it is used to identify something of relevant such as the browsing organism and also like to the word taken from the animal kingdom. Involved in something we want to look for, it is used to, for example, open shelves in libraries, or browsing databases or internet. Beyond, it may be important subject, applying in library and information both purely theoretically and applied science, and aiming at designing interfaces in order to assist browsing activities for the user.

Now, looking at current activity in place with Mike Roshuk, professional photo artist, approached the subject of popular internet browsers and the characteristics. That is, he had tried to convey with the help of female models and a considerable amount of work with graphic editors. So, the browsers illustrated in this relevant project will be Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Safari and Firefox. Note that Mike spent on The Internet Browser Series project over a year. Reading more

01-Girls as Internet Browsers by Mike RoshukImages Source: weezbo

Marcia Bates seemed to give his idea that the browsing is to root involved in our history as exploratory, motile animals hunting so that we can have food and nesting opportunities. Talking about Hjørland (2011a), it is meant that the browsing is inferred to information about which it is governed by socio-cultural understanding of human psychology, but Marcia Bates’ browsing tended to be governed by her behavioral assumptions. In brief, Human browsing is relied on the conceptions and interests.

02-Girls as Internet Browsers by Mike RoshukImages Source: weezbo

In the other words, Hjørland (2011a) conceptualized that browsing is an activity of which it is governed by our metatheories. That is, we may have dynamically changed the theories and conceptions. When we browse something, that activity is governed by the interests, conceptions, priorities and metatheories at that time. Indeed, browsing is likely to be not totally random.

03-Girls as Internet Browsers by Mike Roshuk Images Source: weezbo

It may be used for any kind of human psychology and understanding in biological, behavioral or cognitive terms on the one hand or in in social, historical and cultural terms on the other hand. In term of “behavioural” approaches, it was cited by Marcia Bates (2007), but in term of social view it was defended by Hjørland (2011a+b).

04-Girls as Internet Browsers by Mike RoshukImages Source: weezbo

For all of above concepts, it is likely to be not full enough to cover meaning of the word “browse”. Indeed, it has to have any comments and idea from viewers and spectacles to judge and to get more conceptualized on this.

05-Girls as Internet Browsers by Mike RoshukImages Source: weezbo

We hope that via our website:, we may get more ideas, more creative and more innovative on this word at future.

06-Girls as Internet Browsers by Mike RoshukImages Source: weezbo