Scenery Images of Amazing Floating Skyscraper SeaOrbiter

In scenery images, floating skyscraper sea-orbiter is new concept claim done by the French designer and architect Jacques Rougerie. It is uniqueness in a first history in the recent world. This skyscraper is likely to be used as research station at future. Involved in main mastermind of this project, said by French designer and architect Jacques Rougerie, it may have 51 meter height of skyscraper including two-thirds may be placed under water.

It is probably called a skyscraper ship because some part of the sea-orbiter is under water. Furthermore, the underwater part may be charged more than 20 persons within comfort, but they may be likely to stay there for days. French designer and architect Jacques Rougerie expected that Sea Orbiter construction may be launched later this year including cost may be approximately $US 53 million. As said before, it really may become an oceanic scientific station in order to explore the ocean, to study biology and climate changes at future. Besides, it may be a places for astronaut training too. The interesting being given us that the skyscraper may be generated as power from the waves, wind and sun. Reading more

01-SeaOrbiter-research-vesselImages Source: weezbo

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