Scenery Images of Festival On Hammocks Above The Italian Alps

Look! In these scenery images, the International High-line Meeting festival was shown one of the chillest festivals that we never ever heard of this matter. However, with these images, this also could show one of the most terrifying. That is, attendees spend most of their time strung up on tightropes stretched across the Italian Alps in Monte Piana.

The attendees said themselves “slackers” due to the slacklines they took themselves on balancing. This extreme sport is quite different from tightrope walking in. For instance, the rope has a slightly flattened shaped and has slack, meaning that it can move side-to-side or bounce. More reading . More info: Website (h/t: lostateminor)

01-slack-line-festival-international-highline-meeting-2014-5Image credits: Giordano Garosio

02-slack-line-festival-international-highline-meeting-2014-13Image credits: Balaz Mohai

03-slack-line-festival-international-highline-meeting-2014-11Image credits: Sebastian Wahlhuetter

04-slack-line-festival-international-highline-meeting-2014-21Image credits: Sebastian Wahlhuetter

05-slack-line-festival-international-highline-meeting-2014-19Image credits: Sebastian Wahlhuetter

06-slack-line-festival-international-highline-meeting-2014-20Image credits: Sebastian Wahlhuetter

07-slack-line-festival-international-highline-meeting-2014-3Image credits: Giordano Garosio

08-slack-line-festival-international-highline-meeting-2014-10Image credits: Sebastian Wahlhuetter

09-slack-line-festival-international-highline-meeting-2014-15 Image credits: unknown

10-slack-line-festival-international-highline-meeting-2014-4 Image credits: Flo Taibon