Scenery Images of Amazing Explosive Dance Portraits

Alexander Yakovlev has been well known as studio-dance photographer in Russia. He made his images of professional dancers to be alive with adding his dynamic elements as exploded flour. Note that his images are posted into boredpanda and attracted many thousands and thousands of viewers.

Alexander Yakovlev was awarded degree from the faculty of law at the Russian State University For the Humanities. He is also the Moscow resident. However, his work here was not only rhetoric, but also his specialty. His photos extended a wide spectrum of the dance styles from ballet to break dancing. Nevertheless, his flour filled photo “Big bang theory” has received most recent attention as public. Reading more . More info: | Facebook | Instagram | 500px (h/t:demilked)




04-dancer-portraits-dance-photography-alexander-yakovlev-24 Source: Alexander Yakovlev