Amazing Disney Princesses – Hijab Disney

Look! These are so beautiful and attractive us to view little mermaid, Mulan or even Jafar. Being initiated by Malaysian makeup artist, Saraswati may renovate herself to become several Disney characters as she wanted. With mother of two children, she has not only mastered the art of face paint, but also artistically practices her hijabs to complete her appearances. Now she gets nearly 47,000 followers on Instagram via going by Queen of Luna and we seem to be not surprised about that, but it sounds like crazy talent associated with the self-proclaimed “comic geek” and “Disnerd”. More reading. More info: Instagram

Princess Jasmine
01-hijab-disney-princesses-makeup-queen-of-luna-28__700-Princess JasmineImage Credit: Saraswati
02-hijab-disney-princesses-makeup-queen-of-luna-34__700-MulanImage Credit: Saraswati
03-hijab-disney-princesses-makeup-queen-of-luna-35__700-JafarImage Credit: Saraswati
04-hijab-disney-princesses-makeup-queen-of-luna-30__700-PocahontasImage Credit: Saraswati
Tinker Bell
05-hijab-disney-princesses-makeup-queen-of-luna-32__700-Tinker BellImage Credit: Saraswati