Amazing Creative Cakes Performed Between Confectionery And Art

Cake is served as a sweet highlight of almost any birthday. The cake will be even better when it is custom-made according to the hobbies, passions, and interests of the lucky person. The initiative and imaginative cakes can make us realize that a cake may transform a piece of art. However, it may be difficult to eat because we are feeling regret for destroying such beauty. We don’t know whether or not that the cake may become even tastier when it has been baked in such a refined manner. This is via boredpanda. More reading

Library Cakes
01-creative-cake-ideas-12-Library Cakes Image Credit: Kathy Knaus

Up Cake
02-creative-cake-ideas-6-Up Cake Image Credit: Classic Cake

Earth Cakes
03-creative-cake-ideas-11- Earth Cakes Image Credit: Cake Crumbs

Pigs in The Mud Cake
04-creative-cake-ideas-1-Pigs in The Mud Cake Image Credit: Taartjes

Streampunk Cake
06-01-creative-cake-ideas-39-Streampunk CakeImage Credit: Johannas Tartor

Streampunk Cake
06-creative-cake-ideas-40-Streampunk Cake Image Credit: Johannas Tartor
James Bond Wedding Cake
07-creative-cake-ideas-5-James Bond Wedding Cake Image Credit: David Malki

Mining Cake
08-creative-cake-ideas-46- Mining Cake Image Credit: anonymous panda

Harry Potter Spell Book
09-creative-cake-ideas-44-Harry Potter Spell BookImage Credit: Vannesa Berry

Book Lover’s Cake
10-creative-cake-ideas-101-Book Lover Cake Image Credit: boredpanda

Polo Shirt Cake
11-creative-cake-ideas-45-Polo Shirt Cake Image Credit: resonas

Ice Age Cake
12-creative-cake-ideas-42-Ice Age Cake Image Credit: Imgur

Paleontology Cake
13-creative-cake-ideas-18-Paleontology Cake Image Credit: Proteon