Amazing Cambodian Short Story Of The Two Neighbors And Khmer Song

This Cambodia short story may be reflected something as presented in our society. If we get more and more social justice, we truly get more and more stable society. So, this may let all of us consider and judge accordingly in conjunction with idea, knowledge and consciousnesses in place.

Once there were two neighbors. One day they planned to set traps to catch animals. As the sun was setting behind the mountain, they left together for the forest. In the forest one said “I will set my trap near foot tree, because this tree has many fruits and at night many animals come to eat the fruits”.

The other one said “I want to set my trap here too, but now if you set it near foot tree, I will set mine on the top of the tree and we shall see tomorrow whose the trap will catch the animals” After discussion, one set his trap near the foot of the tree and the other set his trap on the top of the tree; then they came back home.

But the man who set the trap on the top of the tree, after reaching home, that night, discussed this with his wife. He said “Of all our ancestors, did you ever hear any one set a trap on the top of the tree caught four-footed animals who walk on the earth? But right now if I have set my trap on the top of the tree, how I catch an animal? Thus I will have to wake up very early, and if I see may neighbor’s trap on the ground catching an animal I shall take it off and put it in my trap at the top of the tree, and then I will again go with him to see the trap. Then I have to give a share of the animal to judge Sék. If may neighbor does not agree with me, he will go to judge Sék, too, and Mr. Sék will let me win.”

The husband and wife, after discussion, went to bed, but the man woke up very early. He smoked and left his home to see his trap. He saw his his friend’s trap holding a deep and then he took off the deer and put it in his own trap. After that he return home. At dawn, the who set the trap on the ground asked the other man to come and see their traps, but other man said “Do not be in a hurry, my trap will not catch any animal because it is at the top of the tree. May be your trap is holding some animal, if your trap is holding some animal, you had better give me some meat to eat.” He spoke proudly because he already knew what was there. The two men left their home together to see their traps. Unfortunately, the trap on the top of the tree was holding an animal. The man who set trap in the tree said “Hi! Look! You did not believe me, I told you “Do not set the trap on the ground, set it on the tree” Now Look! whose trap is holding the animal?” He climbed up the tree and took down the deer. The two neighbors came home together.

The man whose trap was on the tree went to see judge Sék and told “My neighbor and I set the traps. My friend set it on the ground, and I set it on the top of the tree. I took the deer caught in his trap. If the case comes to you, you have to cover over my fault and give the punishment to my friend”

Then judge got a share of the deer and said “You have to bring a lot of betels and arecs very early for tomorrow when your friend comes to see me, I ask him bring same thing. As he is very poor, he can not bring anything, so you will win the case. Go ahead to find the betels and arecs.”

The man who had set the trap on the ground was very disappointed and did not agree with his friend about the catch. So, he went to see judge Sék and told him the same way as his friend had told him. Mr. Sék said to him the same as he said to his friend.

In the morning, the man who had set the trap on the tree brought a lot of things very early to Mr. Sék. But the poor man who had set the trap on the ground could not bring anything to Mr. Sék.

He was afraid of losing the case and of being in prison. He ran from village to village to find the betels and arecs. He went to and met another judge, Mr. Rabbit. Mr. Rabbit asked him “What is the matter that you are running about like this? Stop” He said “Please help me because my friend and I went to set the trap together, but I put it on the ground and my friend’s trap was on the tree. Unfortunately, my friend’s trap on the top of the tree, caught and animal. I did not believe this, so went to see the judge. The judge ordered me to bring the betels and arecs very early. The one who could not bring them to him will be punished. This is why I am very afraid.”

Judge Rabbit said:
Do not be afraid, this afternoon we shall go together. In afternoon, they went together to judge Sék house. He said “Why are so late? You lose you case.”
Mr. Rabbit said:
We are very late because we went to see fishing and eating the leaves at the top of tree.”

Mr. Sék said “Who ever heard that the fish fly and eat the top leaves of the tree.”
Mr. Rabbit answered “From the time of our ancestors, I have never heard that he who set the trap on the top tree can catch animal who is quadruped Do you hear it? Everyone of you people?”
Mr. Sék was quiet. Mr. Rabbit convinced court that the man who had the trap on the tree should go to the prison.
Mr. Sék was ashamed before the people because of his ambition. He was quietly and looked towards the wall.
Ambition is put to shame before law. Source: Dik Keam, Cambodian Short Stories, 1962

In order exchange environment from short story, we would like ladies and gentlemen to help listen to our Khmer song originated from Khmer oldies as below. However, before starting into the oldie songs, we would state the brief of the songs as following:

The oldie songs were the Golden Sound in decade of 50s, 60s and 70s being beeb sung by super star singer such as Sin Sisamuth, Ros Sereysothea, Pen Ron, Huy Meas, Meas Samon and etc. In estimate, there might be over 10,000 songs which had been still existed so far. Of these songs, they were inspired to all Khmer people both man and woman to get excited, entertained, and encouraged the people across the Kingdom to get good health, peace, happiness and prosperity.

All Khmer people both in domestic and overseas still recognized that the voice of all Khmer singers has been popular so far. In fact, Khmer citizen in domestic and oversea more particularly Khmer in United States of America from many states, for example, California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Texas, and etc. still preferably listen to these oldie songs. They are still adhered to these voices although the voices were produced quite long time and gone all of singers; i.e. soft and charming. The voices are truly no any voice comparable with the voice from the past to the present time. So, we do hope that these oldie songs will have been remained and kept as following from one to another generation.

Last but not least, the voices will be everlasting in depth-heart of all Khmer citizens even they live anywhere and may have to share and pass from one generation to another. Hence, all of Khmer both domestic and overseas may still continue to love, to listen and to adhere such oldie songs. Note that the songs may contribute to be forever in their daily lives and other events, ceremonies such as Khmer Happy New Year, Water Festival, Pchum Ben etc.

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