Amazing Body Art Illusions Initiated By Trina Merry

Body of human being may be decorated as art and appeared in several images according to artist wanted. That is, body art may perform symbolization such as bridges, trees, animals, boat, vehicles (car and motorcycle) and the other images in relation with art initiative. This may hear from a talented body painting artist based in San Francisco; Trina Merry. She gave us with a proving one the best, that is, it was so beautiful and dynamic artistic canvases in the world. Note that it is so amazed and interested human body art.

Trina Merry has shown her human body called as “Human Motorcycle Project”. This is the latest of her project among many works done Merry in recent time being. It was so clever and great idea for her to make images associated with use of the human bodies hiding underneath the paint. Besides, a model’s sensual contours provided the image an alluring mystique. As for another image, the posing models’ tensed muscles made lending image as result in their raw power. In realistic, her recent “Human Motorcycle Project” presented an excellent model of the dynamism; however, it might be viewed in all of her work.

Trina Merry infrequently photographed her work herself based on simple work or no complicated art. However, several works she has to collaborate with her friends and the other photographers as well. Note that the illusion presented the best one while we viewed from the certain angle and under certain lighting. Accordingly, her image may feature one model among 17 or even more models. She did not fear employing diverse artistic style. Even though she was likely get a preference from automobiles to motorcycles, she has worked for abstract motif as well. Reading more. More info: | Facebook (via: petapixel)

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