Amazing Beautiful Botanical Tattoos

Alice Carrier, a tattoo artist, initiated her creative idea to create fun activity, that is, it was running wild with flowers. However, it may be hard to do such work all year long. She may give us to bring our botanical beauties wherever we may go see these relevant tattoos. She did like tattoos in such natural science theme according to occult flair and traditional styling. Note that, it is blindingly obvious involved in her skills.

When you see these people with their most wonderful tattoos of flowers, you may see and/or view all plants and all sorts of floral compositions. In fact, they may have looked like just illustrations based on old tattoos books with the best kind of botanical books. You may add some Latin name into these tattoo and then may count as cheating on the test as possible as you may.

As we know that she lives in Wonderland Tattoo in Portland in Oregon. Her skill and preference for natures themes within a bit of occult is recognized from being “born on the winter solstice, left handed, descended from Salem witches”. Her art is mentioned from all public as having bold, traditional lines and modern, feminine aesthetics. So, it leads to consciously attempt to invoke the textbook illustration feeling of botanical flowers and spirit of the tattoos. Reading more. More info: | Facebook | Tumblr | Instagram | Flickr (h/t: lustik)

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