Amazing Bearded Creatures And Glitter Beard Themed Photographs

Look! This is bearded art done by one guy. Last year in November, he initiated to create something as realized a small collection of glittered beard themed photographs. This is to name the festive spirit being been upon us, nevertheless the attractiveness for this variety grew and grew and anything was on one occasion a small series of images has become into a much larger heterogeneous series named “Bearded Brutes”. This pill assortment has induced onto a journey of self-expression and originality for both of the models themselves. He was clever to excavate deeper into their inspirations and persona’s and generate some actually visual weird art. Being used a combination of makeup, glitter, creativity & digital painting these vibrant, pop-art, the tasteless photographs is to nurse the mind’s eye, motivate the bold plus fuel the avant-garde exist in in all of us. Indeed, this leads to create such art and lure all of us to involve feeling and refreshment. More reading. More info:


01-bearded-brutes-i-take-glitter-beard-themed-photographs-15__700Image Credit: BoredPanda

02-bearded-brutes-i-take-glitter-beard-themed-photographs-14__700Image Credit: BoredPanda

03-bearded-brutes-i-take-glitter-beard-themed-photographs-13__700Image Credit: BoredPanda

04-bearded-brutes-i-take-glitter-beard-themed-photographs-12__700Image Credit: BoredPanda

05-bearded-brutes-i-take-glitter-beard-themed-photographs-10__700Image Credit: BoredPanda

06-bearded-brutes-i-take-glitter-beard-themed-photographs-9__700Image Credit: BoredPanda

07-bearded-brutes-i-take-glitter-beard-themed-photographs-8__700Image Credit: BoredPanda

08-bearded-brutes-i-take-glitter-beard-themed-photographs-7__700Image Credit: BoredPanda