Scenery Images of Amazing Aerial Photos in New York City

As seeing in scenery images, the aerial scenery of New York City was managed by multi-talented Swiss-born filmmaker and photographer Vincent Laforet. Note that the city looks so beautiful scenery indeed. His work was incredible for breathtaking late-night aerial photos of New York City. The city has been illuminated through the lights without ever never sleeping.

Vincent Laforet tried to shoot many series “Night Over New York” at what time he came to sit on the edge of helicopter flying as many as 7,500 ft or 2285 m above the Big Apple. Each image has lights like facet from edge of diamond. It induces that the city never sleeps a day to day, a week to week, a month to month and an year to year. Thus, it is giving the city with the most beautiful and lovely city in the world. More info: |(h/t: gizmodo). More reading

01new-york-city-aerial-photopgrahy-vincent-laforet-1Images Credit: Vincent Laforet

02new-york-city-aerial-photopgrahy-vincent-laforet-10Images Credit: Vincent Laforet

03new-york-city-aerial-photopgrahy-vincent-laforet-7Images Credit: Vincent Laforet

04new-york-city-aerial-photopgrahy-vincent-laforet-11Images Credit: Vincent Laforet

05new-york-city-aerial-photopgrahy-vincent-laforet-2Images Credit: Vincent Laforet

06new-york-city-aerial-photopgrahy-vincent-laforet-3Images Credit: Vincent Laforet

07new-york-city-aerial-photopgrahy-vincent-laforet-4Images Credit: Vincent Laforet

08new-york-city-aerial-photopgrahy-vincent-laforet-5Images Credit: Vincent Laforet

09new-york-city-aerial-photopgrahy-vincent-laforet-6Images Credit: Vincent Laforet