Amazing A Coconut Made Into A Jewel

Recently, Vainius has been obsessed with Light Art for over a year. He used coconut, corks, suede to make lamps that were brilliant in the room. To handicraft lamps, he made it look like shiny jewels and light patterns created we want to stare at a wall as we would stare at clouds or stars.

This all began after stumbling a lamp picture created by an artist called Calabarte. Although he couldn’t buy the amazing works of art as we cost a pretty penny, he couldn’t let go of the considerateness of paintings made with light. Thus, he began creating his own concept and design. That is, it lasted about 9 months until he had his first lamp. Indeed, the passion grew stronger and his works began obtaining more and more precise and beautiful. More reading . More info: | Facebook

01-coconut-lamp-14Image Source: Nymphs

02-coconut-lamp-9Image Source: Nymphs

03-coconut-lamp-13Image Source: Nymphs

04-coconut-lamp-7Image Source: Nymphs

05-coconut-lamp-6bImage Source: Nymphs

06-coconut-lamp-5bImage Source: Nymphs

07-coconut-lamp-4Image Source: Nymphs

08-coconut-lamp-3Image Source: Nymphs

09-coconut-lamp-8Image Source: Nymphs

10-coconut-lamp-11Image Source: Nymphs

11-coconut-lamp-12Image Source: Nymphs

12-coconut-lamp-2Image Source: Nymphs

13-coconut-lamp-1Image Source: Nymphs